Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property


We offer comprehensive solutions for protecting all types of intellectual property rights including trade and service marks, patents, copyright, registered designs, geographical indication marks, and domain names. Applying our knowledge and experience, we help businesses in devising and implementing strategies to protect and optimize their intellectual property assets.

We assist clients in obtaining local registrations for their intellectual property rights as well as in enforcing those rights through local courts and tribunals. We also assist them in structuring transactions relating to transfer or licensing of their intellectual property rights, in preparing the required documents, and in complying with the applicable legal formalities.

We also advise and assist local businesses in obtaining international registrations of their marks under the Madrid System and facilitate them in obtaining protection abroad. We also advise and assist foreign mark owners on measures to enforce protection of their marks in Pakistan including, inter alia, under the Madrid System and the Paris Convention.

Our technically savvy lawyers readily understand innovations and complex technologies. Hence, they can effectively communicate with the regulators and the judges in obtaining and enforcing protection of intellectual property rights involving complex technologies.

Our team has extensive experience of representing clients before the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan, intellectual property tribunals and high courts across the country.