About us

With presence in all of Pakistan’s major cities, Majeed & Partners is recognized as one of the country’s most innovative and fastest-growing law firms, offering a wide range of high-quality legal services.

We have a committed team of experienced lawyers and subject matter specialists ready to provide client-focused legal solutions. We endeavor to exceed expectations by offering practical advice and help on the path to achieving results.

We know the business of law and strive to be true partners. We respect our clients, communicate regularly with them, and welcome their participation. We strive to build and maintain effective, long-term relationships by working in an efficient, caring, and professional manner.

Majeed & Partners is an active member of TerraLex®. Further information about our TerraLex® connection is available Here.

Our values

Our practice is built on our deeply held values, which form the foundation of our distinctive culture. These values shape how we conduct business and are essential to the success of our firm.


  • We are strategic and forward-looking, always thinking and planning ahead.
  • We think outside the box.
  • We are resilient, we embrace change, and we adapt quickly.
  • We embrace simplicity and technology while avoiding unnecessary overhead.
  • We offer legal services that are logical, streamlined, adaptable, and focused on clients.


  • We maintain the highest standards when delivering legal advice and services.
  • We get to the heart of issues and challenges and provide pragmatic, commercial solutions.
  • We work efficiently to deliver value.

Trustworthy & Ethical

  • We are trusted advisers. We always respond promptly when our clients need us.
  • We uphold our professional responsibilities and are accountable for our actions. We never compromise on the safety and security of client data.
  • We are ethical, and we believe in doing the right thing.


  • We work seamlessly across all of the practice areas and sectors we serve.
  • We reach out to others, offer support, and make ourselves available when needed.
  • We welcome fresh ideas and diverse perspectives. We value contributors and embrace differences.


  • We treat everyone fairly and with respect and courtesy.
  • We are inclusive, approachable, and supportive of our clients and colleagues.
  • We strive to make positive contributions to our local communities.

Our pricing

We offer certainty and clarity in pricing matters.

Our business model is structured to include only costs that add real value for clients. We employ progressive, sustainable, and flexible work practices supported by the latest technologies, including remote working, to reduce costs and improve how we operate with our team and clients.

We offer transparent and flexible pricing structures. For large projects, we use proven legal project management techniques to develop clear and accurate project plans for clients. We lay out key deliverables and timelines. 

We have a strong preference for value pricing and embrace the opportunity to charge based on the value we create for clients. We work with our clients to understand what works best for them and to create transparent and robust approaches to pricing. We also offer alternative fee arrangements tailored to specific requests from clients, and we utilize standard solutions for matter pricing.