Workplace Relations 

Workplace Relations 

We are trusted advisers on all matters affecting the workplace.

Our team is made up of lawyers with a wealth of experience and skills in local employment and labor laws, as well as workplace and occupational safety laws enacted by federal and provincial legislatures.

We provide strategic guidance to businesses of all sizes on how to operate in the local environment, and we draw from our successful history of handling a broad range of issues in the work life cycle. Our team has built a reputation for proactively imparting sensible advice that is valuable, relevant, and useful.

Our lawyers advise clients on the applicability of local labor laws and also employee classification under those laws. We help employers minimize risks by assisting them in developing and implementing effective workplace strategies and policies. We prepare and conduct reviews of employment agreements, employment manuals, and codes and policies to ensure compliance and compatibility with local laws. And we help clients meet the workplace and occupational safety standards and requirements of local laws.

We regularly provide counsel on emerging employment issues like diversity and inclusion as well as the collection, sharing, and use of employee personal data. We help clients assess and manage employment- and labor-related risks during mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring transactions. We guide and assist many multinational organizations with appointments and terminations of local executive employees, something that often involves both employment and company laws. We also share specialized advice and assist with work visa-related issues.

When it comes to employment terminations, workforce reductions, and business closures, we help employers comply with the mandatory requirements of local labor laws. We also aid clients on matters related to trade unions, collective bargaining, and industrial disputes, and we represent them in administrative proceedings before labor departments and other statutory forums.

We assist employers in conducting disciplinary investigations and hearings, and we also oversee independent investigations on behalf of employers into allegations of discrimination and workplace harassment.

With support and assistance from our litigation team, we regularly defend employers in labor and civil courts. We also help employers enforce restrictive covenants and confidentiality clauses, and we represent employers in enforcement proceedings. We also represent them in high courts in judicial review proceedings.