Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

We cover both noncontentious and contentious matters arising in the financial services industry. We serve conventional banks and other financial institutions, giving us a unique perspective on emerging trends and allowing us to efficiently serve our clients in finding innovative ideas to create new business opportunities.

Our experienced team consists of highly qualified and well-trained legal professionals with up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the local financial sector. Our team is ready and able to give prompt and practical advice to clients in a commercially focused manner. We have a track record of meeting the tight deadlines and fast-tracked schedules often imposed on large transactions.

We have acted on behalf of banks, financial institutions, and corporate borrowers, advising on, among other matters, acquisitions and leveraged finance, derivatives and structured products, high-yield, Islamic finance, infrastructure acquisition finance, real estate finance, trade finance, project and development finance, lender and borrower legal opinions, and loan restructurings.

We routinely advise clients on a variety of capital market transactions. For example, we assist issuers throughout the various stages of the capital-raising process to ensure full compliance with domestic securities and money-lending laws. We also counsel and assist other market participants, including financial advisers, managers, and underwriters, with all types of equity and debt capital market transactions, both conventional and Islamic. We frequently serve as the local counsel in cross-border and international securities transactions.

We have vast experience working closely with local and foreign lenders as well as local borrowers on secured and unsecured commercial loans of all sizes. We regularly advise our clients on the enforceability of loans and the financial or borrowing agreements between foreign lenders and local businesses or their affiliates abroad. We are well versed in the limitations foreign lenders face when enforcing such agreements in local courts. Our lawyers routinely represent clients in enforcement and recovery proceedings in local courts.