We are proud to have contributed to the Pakistan chapter of the inaugural edition of the TerraLex® Cross-Border Guide to Crypto Assets. The guide aims to provide a current snapshot of the legal status of crypto assets around the world, current regulations, and forthcoming or proposed legislation.

The guide along with the interactive cross-border guides tool, enabling clients to compare guidance across multiple jurisdictions can be accessed HERE.

As the exclusive TerraLex® member firm in Pakistan, Majeed & Partners regularly contributes to the TerraLex® Cross-Border Guides covering a wide range of practices. These guides are unique as they offer a comparative perspective on legal and regulatory frameworks across industries and jurisdictions throughout the world, offered by world-class and distinguished TerraLex® member law firms. These guides have been the prime source of high-level information across jurisdictions globally, and a valuable resource to general counsels and chief legal officers.

About TerraLex®

TerraLex® is one of the world’s leading international legal networks with member firms covering 174 jurisdictions and about 21,000 attorneys in 117 countries. Its mission is to help member firms serve clients’ needs and business interests with the highest professional standards. TerraLex® offers access to rigorously vetted law firms from strategically-resourced locations – ensuring strong legal advocates no matter how far and wide your business grows.

For 30 years TerraLex® member firms have provided clients with trusted, quality legal service where it counts as a locally-focused, strategically-resourced, and expertly-vetted collaboration of problem solvers poised to resolve issues of all scopes.

As the exclusive TerraLex® firm in Pakistan, we are committed to finding innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients. Our prestigious connection with TerraLex® gives our clients immediate and seamless access to high-quality, client-focused affiliated attorneys worldwide. For more information on TerraLex®, please contact us or visit TerraLex’s website.

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