Majeed & Partners Contributed to the Thomson Reuters Transnational Litigation Guide

Jul 2, 2022

We are excited to announce that Majeed & Partners, Advocates & Counsellors at Law, has contributed to the first-ever Pakistan chapter of the Transnational Litigation Guide (June 2022 update).

Published by Thomson Reuters, the up-to-date guide provides a detailed analysis of cross-border litigation procedure and strategy, as well as strategic advice and insight into the procedural, tactical, and substantive issues of more than 28 major legal systems.

Written by litigators with leading reputations internationally and in their respective jurisdictions, this work offers an in-depth analysis of important details of cross-border litigation. There is also extensive discussion of international treaties and international arbitration.

The Pakistan chapter was authored by Saqib Majeed and Talha Mushtaq. It includes detailed information and practical insights into litigation rules and covers topics such as the structure of courts, obtaining jurisdiction and choice of forum, service of processes, summary judgments and equivalent proceedings, taking witness evidence abroad, taking documentary evidence abroad, admissibility of evidence, appellate review, and damages recovery in contracts and torts, etc.

“It was a great honor for us to be invited to contribute to this prestigious publication from one of the most renowned publishers in the legal industry and to offer, for the first time, an overview of Pakistan’s litigation system,” said Saqib Majeed, managing partner at Majeed & Partners.

“We hope that the Pakistan chapter of this comprehensive guide will provide litigators around the globe with key information concerning Pakistan’s litigation system and useful insight into handling issues from the beginning to the end of a dispute,” added Talha Mushtaq, an associate at Majeed & Partners.

The attached PDF document below contains excerpts from Transnational Litigation –Ch, 21A, Pakistan. Reprinted from Transnational Litigation (June 2022 update) with permission. Copyright © 2022 Thomson Reuters, all rights reserved. For more information about this publication, please visit For more details or any questions related to the information in the attached excerpts from Transnational Litigation Guide, please contact Saqib Majeed at or at

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