When engaging in a merger or acquisition, there are a variety of formalities and concerns to consider. These increase exponentially when the deal involves parties from different jurisdictions. The TerraLex® Cross-Border Merger & Acquisition Guide aims to offer you an electronic, on-demand resource to common questions, issues, and general pitfalls which you might encounter in the course of negotiations and closing.

Majeed & Partners is pleased to have contributed to the Pakistan Chapter of the guide which can be accessed here.

About TerraLex®

TerraLex® is one of the world’s leading international legal networks with member firms covering 174 jurisdictions and about 21,000 attorneys in 117 countries. Its mission is to help member firms serve clients’ needs and business interests with the highest professional standards. TerraLex® offers access to rigorously vetted law firms in strategic locations.

As the exclusive TerraLex® firm in Pakistan, we are committed to finding innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients. Our prestigious connection with TerraLex® gives our clients immediate and seamless access to high-quality, client-focused affiliated attorneys worldwide.

For more information on TerraLex®, please visit TerraLex’s website.

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